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WordPress Websites Made Easy

Sitebeam designs & develops modern and performance custom WordPress websites for service-bases businesses.

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Custom & Modern Design

Every Sitebeam website is built uniquely and intentionally, based on content & branding.

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Expert Web Developers

Our team has over a decade in website and WordPress development experience.

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Built for SEO

WordPress is a fantastic platform for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and accessibility.

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Building a great website is difficult

Building your business website can be daunting and time-consuming process. From vetting designers, developers, and copywriters to scheduling progress status meetings—it’s all a massive pain. The traditional process is slow, inefficient and downright frustrating.

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Sitebeam makes the process simple

We make the process of getting a custom website easy and stress-free. Just complete our simple onboarding form and we will handle the rest—its nearly magic.

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Better Designers, Developers & Custom WordPress Builds

Our expert UI/UX designers, web developers and digital marketers understand what goes creating into a modern, custom WordPress website. We don’t use third-party themes, visual builders or dozens of plugins that slow down your site and get in the way. Our in-house-built WordPress theme features a custom CMS experience (thanks to ACF PRO) and a careful selection of only highly vetted plugins to extend the functionality of your website and provide additional functions to improve usability and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Custom WordPress Websites Just Got Way Easier


Quick & Simple Onboarding

Fill out our simple onboarding form so we can get a feel for who you are as a business.


Custom Website Development

We design & develop your business website at light-speed, launching in days instead of months.


Web Support & Management

Our expert team handles technical and content updates for your site so you can build your business.

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“Sitebeam did a wonderful job with a custom WordPress build. They are partner that communicates well & and take ownership in completing a project to the highest quality.”

Navi K.

CEO & Founder

Industries We Serve

Sitebeam builds websites for service-based business, with a focus on attorneys & small law firms, accounting firms, and mental health practices.

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Our conversion-focused web designs are perfect for contractors & home services businesses.

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Accounting Firms

Your accounting firm deserves an impactful website that gives you a competitive edge.

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Law Firms

Our friendly and professional website designs help your law firm capitalize online.

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Mental Health

Your patients’ first impressions of your practice are often your website—make it count!

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Custom Website FAQs

Have a question that we don’t address below? Visit our contact page and send a message.

What is a custom WordPress website?

A custom WordPress website is a website that is made on WordPress Content Management System (CMS) from a completely unique website design. Custom WordPress builds are often referred to as having “custom theme development,” which means the theme being used was developed specifically for the website, as opposed to using a third-party theme.

It is important to note, a “custom” WordPress theme is not the same as “customizing” a theme and this has largely been a source of confusion within the WordPress ecosystem. A custom theme is most often built by professional developers who work with the actual website code, to create custom website features and very performant user-interfaces and back-ends. Customizing a theme, on the other hand, involves making adjustments to styling or functional settings within a prebuilt, third-party theme.

What alternatives are there to getting a custom WordPress website?

There are many alternatives to getting a custom WordPress website. Firstly, there are dozens (and perhaps hundreds) of other website CMS platforms that one could choose instead of WordPress. For instance, Squarespace, Wix, Drupal, Joomla and many more. Some of these options are proprietary and provide only a visual builder experience, while others are open-source but do not quite have nearly the ecosystem or market-share that WordPress has.

If choosing WordPress, you can either use a third-party theme and customize based on your needs or you can choose to go with a custom WordPress build. As you may have guessed, custom builds typically have a higher price point, longer lead-time and require much more care and deliberation when designing the site.

With Sitebeam, you benefit from getting a custom WordPress build but with the ease, speed and low cost of customizing a prebuilt theme.

How do you create a custom WordPress website?

Custom WordPress website development is fairly involved and requires knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and understanding of concepts such as SEO, ADA accessibility and more. WordPress, itself, has a fairly strict file system that allows developers to code just about any type of website they can imagine.

Does Sitebeam provide the website design and development?

Yes, we provide both the design and development for custom WordPress websites. Our process does not include an explicit design phase, though, as we are able to “design on the fly” thanks to the very intelligent scaffolding within our in-house-built theme and use of the highly coveted Tailwind CSS framework.

Does Sitebeam host and manage my custom websites?

Yes, we host, manage and support any customers that choose us. We host websites on Flywheel (owned by WPEngine) and use the built-in Fastly CDN integration for faster loading speeds. We also provide SSL Certificate, integration with SendGrid for improved email deliverability and much more.

If you would wish to host your website on your own server, however, we require a one-time transfer fee and, unfortunately, cannot extend our website management and support services.

How long does it take to build and launch a custom WordPress website?

In our experience, a custom WordPress build typically takes 12-14 weeks. With Sitebeam, we have slimmed this timeline down to 8-9 business days, thanks to our simple onboarding process and boilerplate WordPress theme.

How much does a custom WordPress website cost?

The average cost of a custom WordPress website can be as low as $500 but we have seen larger custom builds go for over $250,000. For a standard, 6-page marketing website with a blog and team pages (most often needed by smaller, service-based businesses), you could easily spend $5-10k for a solid website.

With Sitebeam, you will get a professional, custom WordPress website for only $2,500.

Do I own my custom Sitebeam website once the project is complete?

Yes, once we launch your Sitebeam website, you have access to all website source files and can build onto your website however you wish. The only condition being, you are prohibited from licensing the site to other third-parties for commercial use.

Am I able to edit and update content on my website?

Yes, you will have complete administrator access to your WordPress website as soon as the site launches. You will be able to add, remove, and edit content on your own. With our Managed plan, a member of our support team will be happy to assist you any time you need to make a content update on your site. With this pricing tier, you will benefit from unlimited content management so you can focus on running your business.

Ready to Learn More?

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