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Best CPA & Accountant Website Design

We design and build the best accounting website to drive more traffic, build your online reputation and grow your firm.

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Built for Accountants

Stand out from your competition with an intentionally designed & developed accounting firm website.

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Connect with your target audience with a website that focuses on user-friendliness and conversions.

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Fully Managed Website

Let us handle maintaining and updating your website so you can get back to running your business.

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Is Your Accounting Firm Website Working For You?

Sitebeam is the ideal website design & development partner for financial advisors, accountants, and small accounting firms. Our professionally developed sites and friendly, inviting design style will help your website visitors learn why you are the perfect accountant for their needs. With the amount of competition in the accounting space, it is critical to capitalize online with a modern, engaging, fully managed website. With Sitebeam as your dedicated partner, you’ll get a professionally built website that will help boost your accounting firm’s online presence and improve your chances of landing that next client.

Not Just a Accountant Website Template

It’s time to separate from the crowd and ditch those bland and basic accounting firm website templates. With Sitebeam, you get a custom website design that helps your firm stand out, make a lasting impression on website visitors, and convert them into clients.

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Modern Accounting Firm Websites

Achieve an engaging website built to generate more inbound leads and boost the reputation of your accounting firm. Get started today or learn what makes our custom websites best bet for small accounting firms.

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Expert Web Support

We handle anything and everything from hosting and technical updates to content management and building that next high-traffic landing page. Just email our support team or use our live chat feature and a member of our support will be ready to assist!

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“They gave us a professional site while still making it engaging, appealing, and harnessing the spirit of our company as one that is entrepreneurial and fast-growing.”

Zainab D.

Marketing Director

Sitebeam website design development process

A Simple Process Grow Your Firm Online


Quick & Simple Onboarding

Fill out our simple onboarding form so we can get a feel for who you are as a business.


Rapid Website Development

We design & develop your business website at light-speed, launching in days instead of months.


Launch & Support

Our team of experts ensure a smooth launch and our support team is just a click away.

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Best Accountant Websites of 2023

Want to get some inspiration for your accounting firm’s website redesign? Check out some of the best CPA website design concepts of 2023, made by our in-house design team at Sitebeam!

Accountant Website FAQs

Read answers to common questions regarding the design and development practices of effective accounting firm websites.

What goes into creating an effective accounting firm website?

From a content standpoint, effective website for your accounting firm presents your unique value proposition in a clear and concise manner. It also makes it very easy for website visitors to get in touch with a member from your firm, whether that be by phone, email, or lead form. It is vital that the user-experience promotes your Call-to-Action (CTA) throughout your website and the user journey is intuitive.

On the design side, your website should be of modern aesthetic and practice modern, high-level UX principles that help improve your website’s conversions. This includes having a simple—yet engaging—layout, having ample opportunities for users to follow your CTA, makes proper use of colors for the sake of focal points and legibility, and much more.

What pages and content should my accounting firm website include?

All accounting websites should include the following pages (at minimum):

  • Your website must have a Homepage that invites user and provides a quick introduction to your accounting firm, along with your unique value proposition.
  • An About page will provide information regarding your firm’s history, philosophy, and anything else that you feel is unique and nice to share. You should also have a section on this page displaying your Team Members.
  • Once a user clicks a team member on the About page, they should be taken to a Team Member Bio page that each member of your accounting firm will have. Each person’s bio should include information about your experience, qualifications, education and perhaps a bit on your personal life—if that is on-brand with your business in your market.
  • We like to have a landing page for Services, where your website visitors can see a list of all of the accounting services you offer.
  • Your website should have a Service Landing page for each, individual accounting service you offer—this is very important! This will help your website’s SEO by ranking for search engine queries (or keywords) related to your service offerings.
  • Of course, you couldn’t have the best accounting firm website without a Contact page, which includes a lead form, business contact information, and physical address.

Beyond these pages, there are necessary pages such as your Blog, Blog Article Post Type, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, 404 page and more standard-use pages that are important, although less important to your online marketing efforts.

What makes Sitebeam accountant website designs effective?

Our website designs put an emphasis on simplicity, and promote a more modern aesthetic than the vast majority of other websites you will see in the accounting industry. Our site designs are purpose-driven, considering your conversion goals, target audience, and more. With Sitebeam, you will get a high-end well-built website that is built to not only generate traffic, but also convert website visitors into leads for your growing accounting firm.

How long will it take Sitebeam to build a website for my accounting firm?

Once we receive the copy/content for your accounting firm’s website, we can have your website up within seven business days. If it takes you longer to write or supply our team with copy, this timeline may take longer.

Will I receive an accountant website template or a custom website design?

Your Sitebeam website will be a completely custom design. We do not use accountant website templates and never use third-party WordPress themes. We will develop your accounting firm website from a custom WordPress theme—so it will be lightweight, modern, and have proper HTML markup for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes.

Will my custom accountant website have lead forms?

Yes, your website will include lead forms and you can collect any fields necessary to help you qualify those leads. In our simple onboarding process, we have recommended fields, as well as a section to request additional form fields be added to your lead form.

Can my accounting firm website link to my client portal?

Yes, we can add links to your client portal. Typically, we would add a link in the main navigation of the site as well as in the footer—but we can add them in other locations of your website as well.

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