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Why Do An SEO Audit?

In order to diagnose the technical issues that limit a website’s performance, it must undergo an SEO audit. By uncovering SEO errors & warnings, you will be able to pinpoint what needs repaired to make your website more visible in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Our SEO audit reviews over 140 site metrics and provides a breakdown of the issues by priority level—or by how significantly the issue is effecting your website’s overall SEO health score.

An SEO audit is your first step to maximizing the power of the content on your site. While there are very in-depth audits that can be performed, our audit will start you out with a simple overview of your site’s health so you can decide if technical SEO deserves to be considered within your next marketing initiative.

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“We have seen a significant increase in YoY website traffic and average monthly visitors. Our sites are easy to navigate, eye-catching, and optimized.”

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Find Sources of SEO Errors

Discover the errors, warnings and notices on your site that are limiting the search potential of your website’s content. Some of the critical items our free SEO audit checks for include:

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XML Sitemap

Ensure your site has a properly configured sitemap.xml file for search engines.

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Robots.txt File

Verify your site allows search engines and other agents to crawl pages & content.

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Avoid duplicate content errors with proper usage of the “rel=cononical” tags.

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HTTPS status codes

All webpages should return the HTTPS status/protocol for safety and consistency.

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30X Redirects

301 & 302 Redirects should be used to fix 404 errors from moved and deleted pages.

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URL Structure

All URLs (or “permalinks”) should have a consistent and keyword-friendly scheme.

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SEO Titles & Metadata

Each post should have unique, logically written SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions.

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Broken Links

Avoid crawling and indexing pitfalls by pinpointing and fixing broken links.

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404 Errors

Ensure all relevant pages & posts respond with a 200-level response.

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Image Alt Tags

For SEO and accessibility, all images should have properly written Alt Text.

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HTML Structure

HTML markup should be structured in a way that helps search engines crawl content.

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Structured Data

Schema Markup (or Structured Data) provides helpful information to search engines.

Technical SEO Audit FAQs

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we get in regards to technical SEO, our free audit and how search engine optimization can effect your website—and your business.

Why does technical SEO matter?

Technical SEO is the practice of ensuring your site can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines. If your website has error or pitfalls such as broken links, blocked pages, 404 errors in search engine results pages (SERPs), and more, your site’s optimization can suffer.

By fixing the technical items on your site, including HTML structure, metadata, CSS/JS minification and more, you are helping search engine crawlers better work their way through your content to interpret it for their users (e.g., those people searching for you online).

If you ensure your site is healthy and easily crawl-able, search engines will implicitly reward you by allowing you to rank as a search engine result for certain search queries.

What is technical SEO and are there other types of SEO?

As stated above, Technical SEO deals mostly with the “nuts and bolts” of your website (i.e., how well it was developed). By taking care of your technical SEO, you are effectively maximizing the potential of the other methods of SEO for your site and overall web presence. Two more types of SEO include Content SEO and Local SEO.

Content SEO deals mostly in optimizing the written words on your site. To start content SEO, it is important to first understand your target audience and figure out what search terms they are typing in Google, in relation to your business and service offerings—this is referred to as “keyword research.” Once you have your list of focus keywords, you will create new content (or update existing content) that is inline with the subject matter and search terms adjacent to your keywords.

Local SEO deals mostly in optimizing your website—and overall web presence—for searches that include “local intent.” Search queries with local intent, for example, include “San Diego Small Business Accounting” or “Houston Area Mental Health Therapist.” To optimize for local-intent searches, a few things that can be optimized are your web content, Google Business profiles, Facebook, and ensuring that your business name, address, and phone number (NAP data) are identical across all platforms.

What will your free SEO audit tell me about my website?

Our free SEO audit will provide you with an overall site health score. This SEO health score is a composite generated from crawling a number of pages on your site and discovering errors, warnings, and notices. These three categories are based on the priority level at which they should be addressed and resolved.

Can I also get a detailed report of my site’s technical SEO health?

Our free SEO audit does not include a detailed report, however, if you would like us to run a deep-dive SEO audit on your website, please email us at and we will be happy to generate a full report—also completely free. The complete report will provide you with insight as to what each, individual issue is, where it is on your website, and how it can be resolved.

How long does a technical SEO audit take to complete?

Our free SEO audit should land in your email inbox within one hour. Smaller sites (in terms of number of pages) may take only a couple minutes but larger sites may take closer to an hour.

Will Sitebeam help me repair my website’s SEO errors?

Sitebeam provides a post-launch SEO audit and repair for any customer that signs up for our Managed Plan. We do not, unfortunately, assist with SEO repairs for existing websites.

How do I ensure SEO errors do not arise again after they are fixed?

The only sure-fire way to keep your website clean of SEO errors and warnings is to schedule automated site audits. For customers on our Managed Plan, we run weekly SEO audits and fix and small issue (e.g., broken outbound link) that may crop up.

How long does it take for my website to see results from technical SEO repairs?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as Google crawlers may re-crawl and index your site within hours or after two weeks. It is important to understand that the practice of SEO is not an instantaneous thing—it takes time for your site to gain credibility in the eyes of search engines, and that only happens when your website (and your business) gains credibility by its users (i.e., your customers and website visitors).

How does Sitebeam handle SEO for new website builds?

For every new build we launch through our Managed Plan, we will plug your site into SEMRush and run a detailed audit. The SEMRush crawlers will dig into your site’s content and reveal the specifics regarding any errors, warnings, or notices that could limit your website’s search potential.

Once your dedicated developer has had a chance to review your SEO report, they will repair the issues that could be problematic, to get your site in a SEO Health Score range of 93%+.

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