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10 Best Accountant Website Design Concepts of 2023

Published by Sam Crawford on March 6, 2023

10 Best Accountant Website Design Concepts of 2023

Your accounting firm’s website is often the first window into your business for potential clients. You’ve heard the old adage, “first impressions last,” and it is especially true when it comes to building business credibility and buyer trust. Modern accounting firms who are serious about their online success should be continually striving to maximize the power of their website. And while “content is king,” it is the design of your firm’s website that will ultimately get your foot in the door, for website visitors to begin consuming your content in the first place.

In this article, we present some of the best accountant website design concepts, created by the highly skilled design team here at Sitebeam. Before we dive in, an important question to ask is, “what makes these websites the best?”

A great accountant website design should have a simple layout, intuitive navigation, Call-To-Action buttons (CTAs) above the fold (i.e., visible when the user lands), and should (of course) be mobile-responsive to render optimally on all device types and sizes. Also, the design (and development) should ensure ADA accessibility concerns are addressed and resolved to accommodate all website visitors.

With that, we present some of the most modern accountant website design examples that will, hopefully, provide inspiration for your accounting firm’s website design refresh. As you look at these designs, please keep in mind, these are all fictitious brands and the designs are only conceptual—they are not live websites or operational companies.

1) Birdham Accounting Firm

The Birdham Accounting Firm website design concept is a mix of sleek and playful—with a geometric structure, high-contrast colors, and a fun handwritten font to compliment the wide-body header fonts.

The bright accent color being used on the CTA buttons will help attract visitors’ attention to the elements that most impact the primary conversion goals, which is getting the website visitor to contact the firm. It is key to use accent colors in moderation so as to not reduce their effectiveness or overwhelm the user.

Notice the stock photography in this website design all has the same look and feel. This helps the design aesthetic remain clean and cohesive as the visitor scrolls through the page.

2) Pinnacle Accounting & Tax

The website design concept for Pinnacle Accounting & Tax expresses a friendly feel with a warm, bubbly aesthetic. This type of design would best fit an accounting firm that works with consumer brands, individuals and “mom-and-pop”-style businesses. This design would also work well for an accounting firm that has some sort of software-as-a-service or software-with-a-service model. We’ve talked to several firms that are working to productize their accounting and tax preparation services in order to scale through a subscription-style product offering.

When shooting or selecting photography for your accounting firm website, it is imperative to use photos that fit the aesthetic of your site, so they do not feel “out of place.” Because this website design is on the happy side of the scale, we chose to select smiling faces for each image opportunity. If “friendly” is a word that you feel coincides with your brand, we recommend you do the same!

3) GreenTree Tax & Accounting

A CPA firm website design such as that for GreenTree Accounting & Tax would best serve a more upscale and corporate accounting partner. In this website design, we make use zero stock photography which, in turn, let the branding shine through.

With serif fonts for both the headers and body copy, the aesthetic feels more luxurious than playful. For accountants who prefer to maintain a brand that comes across as more “buttoned-up,” a serif-on-serif font pairing could be the way to go!

4) Gigantic Accounting Firm

The website design for Gigantic Accounting goes for a fun, yet sophisticated, vibe that would work well for an accounting firm that operates a bit like a SaaS provider—with personalized accounting services on top! The vibrant orange accent color will help website visitors orient themselves and leave them without question as to how to get in contact with the team at Gigantic.

Our design team at Sitebeam loves injecting a unique personality into each and every website we create. Just because you are a professional services business doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with your branding & marketing!

5) Keystone Financial Management

Keystone’s website design is for the dark-mode-lovers out there! This design is modern, geometric and leans toward serving a “techy” audience. While “dark mode” is a popular design option, it is important to understand it should not be used on all pages of your website. For instance, on pages with a lot of text content, it may be better to use a light/white version of the page, as dark background with light text can often cause eye strain when reading for prolonged periods of time.

6) Allister True Accountants

The electric-blue monotone design we created for Allister True Accountants is one of our in-house favorites! This vibrant, elegant, and modern website shines with unique artwork, cohesive image treatments, and a beautiful pairing of typefaces.

7) Simpli CPA Platform

Simpli CPA Platform is a website design concept for the illustration-lovers out there! Some smaller accounting firms that don’t have their own photography, and dislike using stock photography, often prefer the route of creating/sourcing branded illustrations to supplement their written, marketing content. This fun alternative can help your accounting firm establish a very unique and memorable brand, but it is important to use illustrations in moderation!

8) Paxton Accounting & Tax Firm

The Paxton website concept is a very high-tech-looking design with aggressively vibrant colors to compliment its use of dark-mode. The typeface selections and thin-weight iconography best serve a firm that operates on the cutting-edge, perhaps weaving artificial intelligence into their accounting platform.

9) Acumint Accounting Professionals

Acumint is a fun, quirky website design concept that would best fit an accounting firm serving individuals. We added hand-drawn design elements and fonts to provide a look that says, “we’re real accountants serving real clients, by hand!”

10) Quantum Tax & Accounting

Quantum Tax & Accounting is a loud website design with a brutalist design style. This is another design concept that would best fit an accounting firm that has a well-defined, automated onboarding model and runs primarily via a subscription model.

Our website design team here at Sitebeam worked hard to create these concepts, and we hoped you can use them as inspiration for your upcoming accountant website refresh. If you would like to speak to a website designer here at Sitebeam in regard to your project, please contact us here.

We will be adding more accounting firm website designs to this article monthly, so be sure to bookmark it and check back in for more inspiration!

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